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StudyMate is a common pool package targeting all tertiary students. The package is open to all tertiary students through their institutions, or in their individual capacities.


The cost of medical cover is USD $4.00, per student, per month.
Premium Period Amount
Per Month $4.00
Per Year $48.00


Benefit Annual Limit (USD)
Annual Global Limit $8,000.00
Prescription drugs limit per year $400.00
Dental limit per year at public and selected private facilities $500.00
Optical, once in two years at public and selected private facilities $200.00
Refraction $30.00
Prosthesis Limit per year $1,000.00
Rehabilitative Services per year $300.00
Psychiatric limit per year $300.00
Glucometer once in a lifetime benefit $50.00
Pathology $540.00
Radiology $500.00
Hearing Aids once in a lifetime benefit $500.00
Ambulance Services 350.00


Hospitalization (Inpatient) Select Private, Government, Municipal & Mission Hospitals
Hospitalization Access in selected group B - F, government and mission hospitals is only granted subject to approval or referral by the university, college or Cimas Clinic.
Up to three (3) days, thereafter a letter of justification will be required from the doctor.
Out-Patient needs Mandatory first port of call is college run facilities and/or Cimas Clinics
Pathology services at selected medical laboratories and Government Facilities subject to pre-authorisation. Paid in full at Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ) rates
Radiology services at public and selected private facilities subject to pre-authorization Paid in full at AHFoZ rates
In Hospital drugs Paid in full at AHFoZ rates
Rehabilitative services at Public and Private and selected facilities Paid in full at AHFoZ rates
Psychiatry services at public and private facilities Paid in full at AHFoZ rates
Ambulance Services Covered for life threatening situations only. Access to selected private critical care ambulances

Value Added Services

  • Cimas branded membership card to be issued to each member.
  • Uninterrupted Membership - Throughout the membership year, students’ membership is valid as long as contributions are paid.
  • Wellness programs for the students
  • Structured CSR - Sponsorships, donations and shared value partnerships e.g. internships (Proposed CSR provision - 50% of surplus from the students' pool)
  • Periodic package reviews will be conducted to ensure continued relevance to evolving student needs.
  • Seamless migration to Standard Cimas packages upon completion of studies without a break in membership should the option be exercised within 3 months of completing studies.
  • Online drug facility for easy access to prescribed medication.
  • Simple registration procedures for the convenience of students.
  • Funeral Rider – complementary funeral cash cover of $500.00

Waiting Periods

No waiting period will apply if the student is registered in the first semester of commencing studies, or if transferring from another medical aid without a break in membership. In the event that registration on Cimas is after the first semester and is not a transfer without a break from another fund, then the following waiting periods will apply:
  • 1 month - GPs and acute medication
  • 3 months - Specialist treatment and prescription medication (For conditions diagnosed post registration)
  • 6 months - dental
  • 6 months - optical
  • 6 months - chronic diseases and underlying conditions
  • Exclusions - pre-existing chronic conditions, declared and undeclared (This also applies to transfers from other funds)