Cimas Rescue

Cimas Rescue is a wholly owned business unit of the Cimas Group that was established to champion the delivery of accessible and quality Emergency Medical Services in Zimbabwe and the greater SADC region.

Medical Chambers
1st Floor, East Wing
60 Baines Avenue

Tel: +263 24 2700085/6
Emergency Number: +263 24 2 700070

Our Core Business

We provide timely patient evacuation involving high quality Emergency Medical Services that include:
  • Emergency and urgent bed to bed inter facility transfers
  • Primary response (We can pick patient from home or incident scene)
  • Non-urgent transfers based on client health care needs and medical assessment to assess patient needs ad plan appropriate care.

Medical Capacities

Cimas Rescue employs in its service, a dedicated Beechcraft King Air B200 aircraft which is permanently configured to Advance Life Support level, with a minimal flight team complement of:
  • A flight deck crew of 2 pilots
  • A medical crew comprised of a medical doctor and an intensive care flight nurse who are both qualified and current in Base Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardio vascular Life Support (ACLS), Advanced Pediatric Life Support (PALS), Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), and Aviation Health Care Provider (AHCP) training courses.
  • An additional medical crew member may be on board depending on patient’s condition.
  • The patient’s relative may be allowed to accompany the patient after a careful consideration of safety issues with respect to weight and balance and unique dictates of MEDEVAC mission
On-board the aircraft is state of the art mobile medical equipment that includes:
  • Cardiac defibrillator and monitors.
  • Mechanical ventilators.
  • Oxygen administration equipment.
  • Full spinal motion restriction equipment including a vacuum mattress.
  • Splints such as traction splints and Kendrick extrication device.
  • Syringe drivers
  • A comprehensive up to date resuscitative drug range.

Aircraft Operational Capabilities

The Beechcraft KingAir B200 aircraft is undoubtedly Cimas Rescue’s air transportation vehicle of choice for the specialized mission dictates of the Air Ambulance Service and seamlessly fits into our operations due to the following capabilities:
  • Permanently configured into an air ambulance.
  • Pressurised twin-engine aircraft with a proven track record of outstanding single engine performance in an emergency.
  • Maximum cruise range of up to 3095km with full fuel endurance of 6 hours.
  • Maximum cruise altitude 35000 feet enabling the aircraft to fly in the smoother upper airspace free of the influence of adverse weather elements.
  • Short take-off and landing performance which enables the aircraft to operate into most African air fields that are on average 800 meters long and usually have gravel, grass or dirt surfaces.
  • Fitted with sophisticated VHF, HF radio and satellite telephone communication for regular updates of the patient’s condition during the flight.
  • Satellite navigation and tracking systems for effective and accurate flight following.
  • Based in Harare International Airport which offers the benefit of 24hours access to all ground services that include refueling, customs, immigration and port health clearance.
Cimas Rescue has access to a wide pool of other equally suitable aircraft that compliment its service. Dependent on special client needs, Cimas Rescue offers a wing to wing for patients wishing to be treated or repatriated to overseas destinations such as:
  • Asia (e.g. India, China)
  • Europe (e.g. United Kingdom, Italy, German) and
  • Americas (e.g. USA, Brazil, Mexico).
The above combined with the geographical location of the Cimas Rescue Operational Base that is situated in Harare, makes Cimas Rescue the most ready and available means of patient evacuation from any point between the Limpopo and the Equator. Duty Calls at all hours of the day on all days of the year. Rest assured we are ready to go whenever you need us.

CImas Rescue is now offering short course in emergency medical care for both medical and non- medical professionals. One of the courses(Basic life Support  (BLS) on offer is internationally accredited and supported by the American Heart Association. The BLS course uses basic equipment and systemic approach necessary to equipment delegates with necessary lifesaving knowledge and skills to effectively manage medical emergencies.

Cimas Rescue Ground Ambulance Service

The ground ambulance is a critical component of the Cimas Rescue Emergency Service System and is the first point of contact for individuals in an emergency. Cimas Rescue has introduced two Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances in Harare as part of its commitment to develop and improve response times to life threatening emergency calls in and around Harare. The introduction of the ambulance service is also a central part of the improvement of response times for the ambulance service in the country.

The road ambulances deliver pre-hospital medical services to the public. While the primary mandate of the ambulances is to respond to patients in emergency situations, the ambulances will also be used for the conveyance of routine patients requiring medical attention or under medical treatment.

The 24-hour ambulance service will lead in the provision of emergency ambulance services in the area. The ground ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art Advanced Life Support (ALS), trauma and resuscitation equipment and can be fitted with complete life support, ventilation and monitoring equipment. All ambulances carry a full range of spinal immobilisation equipment. Cimas Rescue is able to care for new born babies, paediatrics and adults.

The Cimas Rescue ambulance crew are dedicated professionals trained in basic life-support and Advanced Life Support in addition to the basic First Aid techniques and the use of AEDs.

Our new, modern, well-equipped, and comfortable ambulances mean no part of Harare is out of reach. Call Cimas Rescue on +263 24 2700086/6 or 2700070.