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The Harare Haemodialysis Centre is a joint venture between CIMAS and Baxter-Baxter-Gambro of Sweden.

The Harare Haemodialysis Centre opened its doors to kidney failure patients in February 1999 and was officially opened by the Minister of Health in February 2001. This is the result of a joint venture between CIMAS and Baxter- Baxter-Gambro of Sweden for the purposes of conducting a Renal unit in Harare.

Baxter-Baxter-Gambro is one of the world's largest suppliers of haemodialysis equipment.

Over the years, there has been a limited availability of haemodialysis treatment facilities in Zimbabwe. As a result, it was often necessary for patients requiring urgent treatment to travel outside the country to receive renal treatment. The Harare Haemodialysis Centre provides haemodialysis dialysis to both chronic and acute kidney failure patients and also provides kidney transplant work-up services. It also provides for renal treatment for those over 60 and those who are serology positive who were previously denied such treatment because of the shortage of facilities.

The Centre has 15 dialysis machines which allow 6 100 treatments for chronic patients per year and 1200 treatments for acute cases per year. Its capacity has helped to reduce strain on the dialysis unit at Parirenyatwa Hospital, where most renal patients were being treated.

The Centre is being managed by a Managing Director and a nephrologist, and has professional and experienced Nursing and Administration staff.

What We Do

The Harare Haemodialysis Centre provides haemodialysis treatment to acute and chronic kidney failure patients and performs over 5 000 treatments for renal failure patients per year. The Centre facilitates for the pre-transplant work-up tests for individuals who opt to go for kidney transplant. The dialysis services are supported by an experienced nephrologist, service engineers on site, experienced intensive care nurses and administration staff.

Why Harare Haemodialysis Centre?

State of the art dialysis machine. The Centre has 15 AK96 and AK98 Baxter-Baxter-Gambro dialysis machines. Provides maximum comfort to the patients. Ambience at Harare Haemodialysis Centre. (Reclining beds, DSTV, Wi Fi internet) Ability to provide reliable uninterrupted service due to availability of backup. (Generators, borehole, water reservoir, water treatment plant).

Who We Are

The Centre was opened by Cimas as a joint venture with Baxter-Baxter-Gambro Lundia AB of Sweden in February 1999. This was in response to the need for acute and chronic kidney failure patients to access dialysis service in private institutions. Chronic kidney disease affects 500 million individuals worldwide and about 1.3 million receive dialysis treatment as a life support. Leading causes of kidney failure are high blood pressure and diabetes.

The Centre offers an on-call 24 hour service for emergencies.

Although patients come in daily for dialysis treatment, there is staff on call round the clock for any emergencies. With the state of the art AK98 and AK96 dialysis machines and automatic NOVO beds, two generators for power failure back up, water reservoirs and a water treatment plant, the Centre provides pleasant surroundings with exceptionally high standards of treatment.