Chronic Diseases Add-On Download Care Pack

In addition to drug facilitation, the (CDA-O) benefit covers for consultations, counselling by private/government specialists, general practitioners as well as professional counsellors and laboratory tests done for antiretroviral treatment.

The Society offers this Add - On to Cimas members on all its packages.

If an account holder opts for the Add-On facility, all members on the account should be enrolled primarily to ensure cross-subsidisation and maintain confidentiality; this ensures that there is no stigmatisation for those accessing the service.

Members registered as individuals can however apply for this facility if they have been on Cimas for at least two years. There is a two year waiting period for new members. Application for this benefit is done through the Society by filling in a chronic disease application form which is available both on the Cimas website and at Cimas offices.

Upon approval, the member is expected to pay a top-up to their monthly contribution in order to be registered under the facility. It should however be noted that the facility is not an automatic benefit for those who have not served the two year waiting period.

For member firms, only authorized company representatives can apply for this cover on behalf of their employer. The approved individuals and or firms for this benefit will have their cards endorsed +CD thereby guaranteeing them access to all the benefits on the facility as it is recognised by all healthcare providers.