Medical Aid Packages Compare Package Benefits

Cimas offers a new range of medical aid packages. The changes have been necessitated by the Society’s wish to ensure members have better access to health facilities in the light of the country’s macro-economic environment and the increase in the cost of healthcare services.

The new Cimas medical aid packages revamp the top three packages. The packages are listed starting with the topmost products which are namely:

In general benefit limits are paid per beneficiary per membership year and begin from the date the beneficiary joins the society. Generally, awards are made at Cimas rates. All benefits and benefit limits are paid up to an annual global limit.

Where usage is considered excessive, the Society reserves the right to restrict usage or recommend less expensive treatment options.

Healthguard International

The Healthguard International comprehensive packages are namely the Deluxe, Essential and Classic packages. These offer local and international medical cover that effectively covers your health and wellbeing that ensures the peace of mind you deserve, anywhere in Zimbabwe, Sub-Saharan region and in India.

Healthguard Deluxe is the flag-ship package for global citizens who take their health and wellness as top priority. Healthguard Essential recognizes the need for wellness and offers you a package that is positioned as the intermediate package in the Healthguard International range, the package offers critical medical cover for you both locally and outside Zimbabwe. With the lowest limits in the Healthguard international packages, the Classic comprehensive package offers medical cover that is suited to both personal and financial needs.

Rest assured in your day to day activities, knowing you have exclusive medical aid cover from Healthguard International.

Secure packages

The Secure packages will be Secure, Private , Essential and Health Save. The Secure packages range is designed to offer customers a wider choice when it comes to medical aid cover.

Comprehensive packages

The Comprehensive packages will be Prime, Medexec and Private Plus. These packages have been revamped for full pricing to provide comprehensive cover and eliminate challenges in accessing services. Contributions for these packages will track medical inflation and fund performance monthly.

Standard packages

Standard packages are Basicare, iCare and Private Hospital. These packages include co-payments can be expected with these packages at most health facilities.